Please work on getting your medical forms for 2017 completed and turned in. He will need the original along with a copy of the medical insurance cards.

At a minimum, part A and B are required. If you are planning an outing over 72 hours, part C is needed.

See the information on the links tab for more information.

Mr. Foehner is collecting medical forms.

If you have questions, contact webmaster@troop538.com

Medical forms

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 11:29pm

It's not too early to be thinking about medical forms for summer camp and other outings. A doctor's signature is required for summer camp and all outings longer than 72 hours.

Uniform Requirements

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 10:48pm

The Troop is updating our uniform requirement effective in time for Camp Alexander in June. For full Class A uniform we would like to see the scouts in BSA official pants/shorts and shirt.

Wind River Backpacking

Posted on Mar 2 2017 - 8:43pm

Dear Scouts,
We are looking into a summer backpacking trip in Wyoming's Wind River Range this summer from July 22-30. Expect to carry your own gear as we make our way through this remote area of the Rocky Mountains. We may take time to summit a peak and also to fish for trout.

Big Horn Leadership Training

Posted on Feb 27 2017 - 8:42am


Big Horn registration is now open. If you have signed up please let Bryan and I know. We know that Ben Barcewski and Trevor Strike have signed up.

Dues are due

Posted on Feb 23 2017 - 10:26pm

All: 2017 Dues are now due- $150.00. Please bring a check to the next meeting made payable to "Troop 538". You can also mail your check to:

Browsers identifying Secure/Non Secure websites

Posted on Feb 9 2017 - 11:32pm

For your information:


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